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This product is an extensive digital marketing course and a done for you digital product! The course includes 80 in-depth modules that will walk you through, as a beginner, starting your own digital marketing business. You will not only learn how to brand yourself, perform well on SEO, and market on various social media channels. You will also be walked through step by step how to set up free funnels, e-mail campaigns, and other aspects to create a successful online business. What makes this product so unique is that once you purchase it, you own it. You can add this product to your catalog to sell it to make ALL the profit


This is what master resale rights mean. You will benefit from the robust digital marketing course when you purchase this product. You will also own the course in and of itself and be able to sell it for 100% of the profits. Anytime someone buys this course from you, the purchase money goes directly to you and not a third party.


Further down this page, you will see the modules included in this training course. You will receive the course itself, a free community of like-minded business owners of all experience levels ready to help, and of course, access to me if you have any questions.


Absolutely!! The community is for anyone who purchases the course! There is additional training and free updates as constantly new training modules are added.


No, there are never any hidden fees. Pay one price, and you receive everything you need to get started. You will also receive all updated training modules as they are added.


Absolutely not. It is yours if you choose to sell it, but the digital course will teach you how to sell your own product, whatever that may be. This course will teach you high-income skills in to make money online with whatever your passion might be!

A Little Bit About Me

Hi, and welcome to my groundbreaking digital marketing course! My name is Ivan, and I couldn't be more thrilled that you're here. First, a bit about my journey: from being a high school dropout, battling addiction, and facing numerous challenges, to becoming a successful entrepreneur, my path has been anything but linear. But through it all, I discovered the resilience within me and the potential of the digital space.
Living by the ocean has always been a source of inspiration and energy for me. It's where I found peace, creativity, and the drive to make a difference. Over the past 20 years, I've transformed my life and mastered the art of digital marketing. Despite facing setbacks, I've built successful businesses, spotted early market trends, and developed innovative strategies. What I'm most proud of? Helping countless individuals break through their financial barriers and achieve the freedom they've always dreamt of.
And now, I'm here to share that knowledge with you through this course. I've been where you are — struggling to find that 'big break' in the digital world. But I've cracked the code, and I'm confident you can too. This course is designed to give you cutting-edge tools, strategies, and insights to thrive in the digital space. I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of online marketing, and I genuinely believe that with the proper guidance, anyone can achieve success.
So, if you're ready to embark on this journey, to truly transform your financial situation, and to be guided by someone who's walked the path, you're in the right place. I'm here to support you every step of the way.
Warm regards, Ivan

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What my customers have to say about my mentorship..

I am so excited I found this course through Ivan. I literally had no idea what it even was. He was so helpful in explaining things to me.

Peter G.

I have been working with Ivan since I started on this MRR journey; he has been incredible! He has helped me problem-solve, answered any questions, and given me some of the best advice when needed. He is always open to a friendly conversation when our schedules align. I couldn't ask for a better mentor on this journey. Thank you so much!

Conor M.

Curious about what you will get when you purchase the Learn & Earn Profits Course?

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

This module spells out the foundational aspects of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. You'll learn the essential business, management, and strategic planning tenets and adeptly put them into practice in your digital marketing endeavors or any other entrepreneurial pursuit.

Module 2: How to Build Your Own Branded Sales Process

This module will teach you how to create a branded sales funnel that turns leads into paying clients. Creating an effective brand identity, lead-capturing landing sites, persuading email templates, and high-converting sales pages are among some of the skills taught here.

Module 3: Email Marketing

The ideas and ideal practices of email marketing are the main topics of this module. Creating successful email campaigns that draw in and convert subscribers will be thoroughly explained. Through practical projects and case studies, you will learn about email design, list segmentation, automation, personalization, and analytics.

Module 4: Branding Expansion

This module will help students develop and use a good brand plan for their business. Students will learn the basics of branding, such as creating a unique brand identity, giving a brand a voice and personality, and building a solid brand image. They will also look at strategies for brand positioning, messaging, and standing out. They will learn to communicate their brand's message through different methods and touchpoints.

Module 5: Business Tools

This module will teach students about various tools and technologies that can help businesses run better and more quickly. Students will learn about several business tools, such as project management software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, financial management software, and marketing automation platforms.

Module 6: Content Strategies for Social Media Channels

This module aims to teach students how to create and implement an entire content plan. Students will learn how to figure out who their target audience is, how to make content that will appeal to them, and how to share that content on different channels and platforms. They will also look at ways to measure how well their content works and use data to improve their plan.

Module 7: SEO + Blogging

Students will learn how to build and optimize blog content that does well in search engines and brings people to their websites. They'll look at keyword study, on-page optimization, building links, and promoting content.

Module 8: Platforms to Market on

This module aims to teach students how to use different social media platforms to market their businesses successfully. Students will learn how to make material people want to share on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. They will also discuss ways to build a following, get more people involved, and get people to visit their website.

Free Community

This course gives students access to a free, helpful group where they can talk to each other and get extra help and advice from instructors and other students. The group gives students a place to ask questions, talk about their progress, and work with others in the same class. Instructors and mentors are there to provide feedback, answer questions, and offer more help and tools.

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